Valentin Müller - Design Agency Logo

We specialize in creating user-centric website designs, creative graphic-design and innovative app development, all tailored to enhance  brand visibility. 

A street scene with parked
                cars and a large blue banner on a building advertising 'opa's
                alte bude' with german text.


real estate agency - website
A person holds a smartphone displaying a public transport app with various connections listed, while sitting at a desk with a laptop.


public transport app - CD, posters, graphics, mobile app and website
a poster of a clubbing event

HTL Halbzeit Party

clubbing event - CD, posters, instagram reels, instagram posts and website
a laptop on a staircase

Fahrschule Wimmer

driving school - CD, website, graphics
a cell phone with a screen on

Eventkultur Salzburg

event agency - website
a blue round object on a table next to a keyboard


time tracking software - CD, videography, mobile app and website
A display displaying a website

Biwak Salzburg

emergency shelter - CD and website
a man in a space suit holding a flag

Spacewalks Salzburg

tour operator - CD, photography, posters and website